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Your host family Werner
Advantage for direct bookers

No booking portal knows our resort better than we do. Use this bonus and book directly on our website. We are happy to advise you in order to find your personal dream home at the arlberg1800 RESORT for the best guaranteed price.

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+43 (0) 5446 2611 +43 (0) 5446 2611
Best price Book
Your host family Werner
Advantage for direct bookers

No booking portal knows our resort better than we do. Use this bonus and book directly on our website. We are happy to advise you in order to find your personal dream home at the arlberg1800 RESORT for the best guaranteed price.

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Massages in the wellness area at the Arlberg

Do something good for your body!

It stimulates or relaxes, promotes healing processes and releases new energy. Discover the various types of massages at the Arlberg.

For your "wellness-stay" at the arlberg1800 RESORT we also do have the perfect outfit for you! Not only our soft and cosy bathrobes, but also the wellness collection of LenaKarn. Comfy leggings, hoody dresses, sweaters, morning gowns, shirts,... in a typical scandinavian design and a 100% made in Europe. If you do wish for further information, please feel free to send our SPA ladies an email or simply call +43 5446 2611 590.

Classic massages

Massage room in the Arlberg Hospiz
The massage room in the Arlberg Hospiz

Do you want to go for tried and tested massage techniques during your wellness vacation at the Tyrolean Arlberg? Choose your favorite treatment from the varied offerings of relaxing and stimulating classic massages.

The trained experts at the spa at the Arlberg understand their craft: With a skilled grip, the right dose of pressure and soft contact, they ensure stimulation and relaxation – all according to your wishes.

  • Classic sports massage
  • Shoulder-neck massage
  • Foot reflex zones massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • or a combination of these (min. 50 minutes)

Book yourself a time frame as you wish:

25 minutes € 51,00
50 minutes € 98,00
75 minutes € 145,00
100 minutes € 181,00

Special treatments

The trained masseurs will pamper you with the best that East and West have to offer: With wellness and massages at the Arlberg. Indulge yourself with something different on your vacation 1,800 meters above the everyday.

Touch, warmth, and scent: These are the ingredients for a relaxing or stimulating massage. Experience the sense of well-being with which body and spirit will respond to the special massages and far-eastern massages in the spa of the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel. Rejuvenated and refreshed, you can then devote yourself to your loved ones, sports, or the fine delight of delicate haute cuisine.

This alternative medicine form of treatment developed from osteopathy. It deals mostly with hand pressure in the area of the head and sacrum. The soft, careful, softly rhythmic massage technique presents a vibration and resonance therapy for the head, spine, and pelvis that stimulates self-correction, tension equalization, and healing processes in the body.
50 minutes EUR 98.00

Discover a way to get a grip on acute and traumatic back pain in little time through gentle stretching. With SwingMED, a special method was developed with which you can disperse the muscle shortening that creates the pain.
The dynamic extension device SwingMED offers a promising opportunity to treat various spinal problems with conservative approaches – efficient and harmless.
Please come in comfortable clothing (t-shirt, jogging pants or leggings) and socks.
40 minutes EUR 79.00

Massages and beauty in the hotel
Massage room in the Arlberg1800 resort

Lymph drainage helps with purification processes, bruises, and after injuries.
25 minutes EUR 51.00
50 minutes EUR 98.00

This treatment following Dieter Dorn combines a soft mobilization of the joints with the straightening of the vertebrae. Spiritual and physical tensions are released, regeneration of the ischias-lumbago can be established.
Please come in comfortable clothing and flat shoes.
50 minutes EUR 98.00

The original back program. With this special spine treatment, you will gain poise! Tension in the back musculature will be released and the dynamics of your spine will be improved. Through this treatment, energy will flow through your body again and blockages will be released.
50 minutes EUR 98.00

Energetic massages

You're feeling listless and without energy? Energizing massages at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel will bring new drive into your life: Refuel with new energy at the wellness center in St. Christoph!

A century ago, Far East massage techniques were developed that do not just relax the muscles, but that also reestablish the flow of energy. Benefit from these energizing massages at the Arlberg and help your body and spirit with new, fresh energy that will flow through you freely.

Forget headaches, migraines, or everything for a time!
Enjoy the combination of an energetic body massage and an ear candle treatment.
Give your head a break.
50 minutes EUR 98.00

Wellness reception
Best service at the SPA reception

Frees the entire body of blockages, hardenings, and tension. The sound of the singing bowl calms us inwardly, it causes the soul to vibrate. The sound releases tension, mobilizes self-healing, and frees creative energies. The vibration of the sounds (waves) flow throughout the entire body. Every cell, every molecule is thereby spoken to, set in motion, and arranged anew.
50 minutes EUR 98.00

Close your eyes – immerse yourself in the enjoyment of the massage ritual practiced for millennia! Through soft pressure, stretching, and elongation with the use of warm oil, every part of your body will experience the attention it needs. The massage allows the body to regenerate from the inside.
75 minutes EUR 145.00

With special oils and healing creams, the feet, calves, and knees are loosened and relaxed. The reflex zones of the feet are activated with a special pressure technique and a wooden vibrator. The Thai foot massage activates an energetic recovery and intensive deep relaxation.
50 minutes EUR 98.00

Allow yourself to be stretched and pampered by us. Your body is elongated and stretched as well as massaged with fingers, hands, elbows and feet. In this way, your body's energy flow is reestablished and the local circulation of the skin, the connective tissue, and the musculature is stimulated. The combination of stretching, elongating, and pressure point massaging gives you flexibility, freedom, & length.
Please come in comfortable clothing (t-shirt, jogging pants or leggings)
75 minutes EUR 145.00

Even before you decide on a certain treatment, you can reserve your "wellness time frame." If you want to make a reservation before your arrival, please contact our SPA manager Mrs. Madeleine via mail or simply give her a call +43 5446 2611 -590. The easy first step toward your vacation at the Tyrolean Arlberg is online booking . The team at the arlberg1800 RESORT looks forward to your non-binding inquiry and to your visit!

Winter & Holidays

Skiing on the Arlberg in Austria is a winter sports experience at the highest level.

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Concerts & Art

With the arlberg1800 Contemporary Art & Concert Hall, devised by the architect Jürgen Kitzmüller, a unique concert and exhibition hall opened on 4th October 2015. Unparalleled in the Arlberg region, the hall wants to offer a programme that acts as an international, open forum for artistic exchange. 

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Restaurant & Wine

The arlberg1800 RESORT impresses not only with several exquisite award-winning restaurants, but also with the renowned and top-class wine collection of Adi Werner.

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Meeting & Celebrating

When you come to St. Christoph, you will be surprised. Experience meetings and conferences in a new way. 

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