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Spa hotel in Arlberg

Beauty treatments in Arlberg: natural beauty in the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel

Competent and sensitive beauticians will pamper you with beauty products from the Austrian brand Vinoble. Challenging, sensitive skin will be soothed with the best available products from Ericson. For the perfect look for your nails; we use products from the companies OPI and CND Shellac.

Beauty treatment room
Beauty treatments in the resort

Facial treatments

In center stage of the exclusive vino cosmetics from Austria are antioxidants from grape hulls, nurturing grape seed oil and anti-aging substance resveratrol from the vine. Parabens, paraffin, hormone-active substances, PEG's and silicone are not used. Valuable. Effective. Vegan.

Fresh complexion in no time! Valuable grape seed extracts from the hull and grapevine protect and smooth your skin.
Grape and walnut seeds peel lightly. A mask matched to your skin's needs refreshes instantly.
50 Min.     EUR 85.00

Look fresher immediately! Your mini lifting makes your skin look younger with a soft wine peeling.
The secret? The power of the Sausal Pinot Noir: grape cluster stock cells and costly red wine extracts, which visibly refresh and tighten your skin.
50 Min.     EUR 98.00

This high-performance treatment will pamper you with an enzymatic peeling, eye treatment and massage with an ampule cocktail tailored individually to your skin that will erase wrinkles and will intensively tighten your skin. The finish with a warming model age mask or a cooling polyphenol peel-off mask will awaken your skin to a visible radiance and contour.
75 Min.     EUR 155.00

Relaxation room in the wellness area
Unwind in the lounge of the Arlberg1800 resort

The eye treatment begins with a special massage technique that will relax and refresh the strained and tired area around the eyes. The effective eye lift ampule smooths and erases wrinkles. Finally, the intensively nourishing eye mask will supply calming substances and will make your eyes sparkle again.
25 Min.     EUR 45.00

Products and applications of the ERICSON LABORATOIRE Paris  line fulfill your most demanding treatment wishes thanks to their very quickly visible results.
Intensive ingredients ensure sustainable regeneration and rejuvenation
of your skin and a special eye and lip care during the mask time will refresh your entire face.

All treatments contain a coordinated cleaning, a light peeling, a beneficial mask and eyebrow fashioning.

Highly effective anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatment!
Reverse-aging technology: Highly potent hyaluronic acid reduces the depth of wrinkles. SNAP-8 smooths wrinkles through the relaxation of the mimic musculature. Cell-protective imudilin hinders the development of wrinkles.
Deep cleaning, peeling and active agent serums that are incorporated by microneedling and a special mask makes your skin look visibly younger.
75 Min.     EUR 145.00

Water from glaciers in the Alps and the lagoons of Polynesia, rich in minerals and trace elements, lotus extracts, water lilies and dragon fruit as well as substances from biotechnology that improve the distribution of water in the skin, prevent evaporation from without and regenerate the protective lipid layer in the skin. An all-around water treatment for challenging skin.
60 Min.     EUR 120.00

Recommendation at the SPA reception
Wellness recommendations at the SPA reception

With innovative ingredients, this treatment promises a pure, fresh, and balanced complexion. Through the improvement of oxygen circulation and availability in the skin as well as special proteins that form a protective layer in the skin against environmental burdens such as smoke, heavy metals, etc. and that cost energy, which greatly increases skin cell metabolism. Particularly suited for intensive cleaning of the skin.
75 Min.     EUR 100.00

The treatment method following medicinal meso therapy, the chosen substances such as Vitamin A, C, and E penetrate the skin better and deeper and thus sustainably prevent early aging, regenerate the skin and make it more resistant to damaging environmental influences. Microneedling upon request – the innovative collagen booster treatment. Skin looks visibly younger, more radiant, and gains elasticity and tightness.
75 Min.     EUR 110.00

GENXSKIN stimulates 14 genes with an anti-aging effect. Substance treatment of the newest generation! Sea salt extracts that reduce and regenerate   genetically-determined skin aging. Visible results even after just a few uses.
75 Min.     EUR 145.00

A substance care treatment for the fragile and sensitive areas around the eyes: Soaking, streamlining of contours and reduction of wrinkles as well as lightening of unattractive dark circles and a decongestant or uplifting collagen mask as well as profiling of the eyes brows; marks of age will be visibly reduced.
25 Min.     EUR 45.00

SPA bar in the Hospiz Hotel
The bar in the SPA area of the Arlberg1800 resort

TDA is the world-renowned first dermatological-aesthetic therapy system that transports anti-aging active substances non-invasively and pain-free into the deepest layers of the skin.

  • immediately visible result
  • Reduction of wrinkle depth
  • long-lasting streamlining of the skin of the face, neck, neckline
  • Stimulation of collagen formation
  • Activation of new cell generation
  • sustainably finer skin appearance
  • Creation of deposits in the deeper skin layers

Short treatment
30 MIN.     EUR 75.00

Additional treatment
15 MIN.     EUR 45.00

(bookable at any facial treatment)

Pedicures, manicures & extra

Before you decide on a certain treatment, you can reserve your "well-being time frame." The comfortable first step in your vacation in Arlberg in Tirol is online booking . The team in the Arlberg1800 RESORT  also looks forward to your non-binding inquiry and to your visit!

arlberg1800 RESORT

1 Arlberg Hospiz Hotel
2 Chalet Skyfall
3 Alm Residence Suiten
4 Hospiz Alm Restaurant
5 Contemporary Art & Concert Hall
6 arlberg1800 Chalet Suiten

A T-bar "Maienseelift"
B T-bar "Kinderlift"
C Chairlift "St. Christoph Bahn"

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Winter & Holidays

Skiing on the Arlberg in Austria is a winter sports experience at the highest level.

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Concerts & Art

With the arlberg1800 Contemporary Art & Concert Hall, devised by the architect Jürgen Kitzmüller, a unique concert and exhibition hall opened on 4th October 2015. Unparalleled in the Arlberg region, the hall wants to offer a programme that acts as an international, open forum for artistic exchange. 

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Restaurant & Wine

The arlberg1800 RESORT impresses not only with several exquisite award-winning restaurants, but also with the renowned and top-class wine collection of Adi Werner.

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Meeting & Celebrating

When you come to St. Christoph, you will be surprised. Experience meetings and conferences in a new way. 

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