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The Tirolean Guesthouse in Arlberg

Austrian cuisine innovatively interpreted

The Tirolean Guesthouse
The Arlberg Hospiz Tirolean Guesthouse

The Austrian monarchy first opened the culinary boundaries to Hungary, Bohemia, and Italy. Traditional rules and methods of preparation were assumed by Austrian cooks. Up to the present day, Austria's diverse cooking is a testament to the once great and diverse monarchy. Let the best of Austria melt on your tongue.

The menu in the gourmet restaurant in Arlberg reads like a creative symphony of Austrian specialties. In the Tirolean Guesthouse as well as in the other restaurants in the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel only the best ingredients are transformed into delicate creations. The results are culinary tours de force: Menus that reinterpret traditional Austrian cuisine in a refreshing new way. Austrian liqueurs and wines are also on the menu, as well as deer sausage, kaiserschmarrn, Tirolean Marent, and many other regional delicacies.

Restaurant with Austrian cooking – Tirolean cooking in Arlberg

The charm of the restaurant rooms in the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel and the refreshing friendliness and excellent staff will make a visit to the guesthouse in Arlberg an experience of the senses: A friendly smile, culinary delicacies and candlelight make for an unforgettable evening. Celebrate the most beautiful side of enjoyment here in your vacation in Arlberg together with your loved ones and allow its creative compositions to melt on your tongue.

Cuisine tailored for special guests

We will gladly attend to your sensitivities and allergies. We ask that you make these known at the time of your reservation.

Cast a glance at the menu and let your appetite be inspired. Get to know the Tirolean Guesthouse and the other restaurants of the Arlberg1800 RESORT with all your senses and send in your non-binding reservation inquiry to the Arlberg1800 RESORT team. More information is available at +43 5446 2611 .

arlberg1800 RESORT

1 Arlberg Hospiz Hotel
2 Chalet Skyfall
3 Alm Residence Suiten
4 Hospiz Alm Restaurant
5 Contemporary Art & Concert Hall
6 arlberg1800 Chalet Suiten

A T-bar "Maienseelift"
B T-bar "Kinderlift"
C Chairlift "St. Christoph Bahn"

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Winter & Holidays

Skiing on the Arlberg in Austria is a winter sports experience at the highest level.

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Concerts & Art

With the arlberg1800 Contemporary Art & Concert Hall, devised by the architect Jürgen Kitzmüller, a unique concert and exhibition hall opened on 4th October 2015. Unparalleled in the Arlberg region, the hall wants to offer a programme that acts as an international, open forum for artistic exchange. 

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Restaurant & Wine

The arlberg1800 RESORT impresses not only with several exquisite award-winning restaurants, but also with the renowned and top-class wine collection of Adi Werner.

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Meeting & Celebrating

When you come to St. Christoph, you will be surprised. Experience meetings and conferences in a new way. 

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